Feeding preterm children


So soon however a child is stronger, a doctor permitted to nourish, start applying the crumbs to a chest. Do not be alarmed if your child will not put it a 1-st time, please be patient. The first contact of a newborn with a fresh may be peculiar, pipsqueak will feel it, hug, lick nipple, but does not suck. Do not despair, do not service Put your baby to a warm so often however potential. Even supplementary feeding expressed breast milk or mix need be carried out how that a baby was in a time near the chest, stomach fullness it will be associated with the warm. Since the premature newborn is very small stomach, the food should he have frequently and in little portions. On a 1st time a baby receives 60 grams of milk, then the volume of power increases by 20 grams per kilogram of aging body mass permanently until the special portion of milk does not reach 200 g per kg of body weightiness. This portion of the want to crash a 12-14 feedings required feeding at night. The longest interval betwixt feeding can be except with 12 am to 4 am. Then the baby gets breast every 2-3 hours during a time even more frequently - every hour!

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