Feeding preterm babies


Calculating a number of formula or breast natural milk is carried out on a basis of calorific needs little body. On the first time the child receives 5 ml (nutrient decision) in one feeding, the number increased to 15-20 ml by day 3 of life. Next intake calculated from a daily rate for premature babies 130-140 kcal per 1 kg of body mass (for the full-term infants, a shape is 115 kcal). Calorific content of breast natural milk is 70 calory per 100 ml, and the mixture - 80 kcal per 100 ml.

Premature babies are especially prone to rickets, anemia. So, even if a baby is breastfed, he's already the first of the 30 days (about 2-3 weeks) request additional vitamin D in a form of exceptional drops. Also, these kids are more scarce iron in a aging body, which is normally exhausted by a one-month. In natural milk is not enough iron for babies, despite a fact that it is highly good of him to digest, because a doctor assessed a state of a infant, may decide on additional admission iron supplements.

The 1st feeding premature babies typically administered earlier in 4-4.5 months. To prevent the building of anemia and rickets in premature babies before the full term introduced fruit and vegetable juices, purees, fresh meat, boiled egg. Foods in a shape of porridge is also great for a premature baby, because it helps him to speedily gain a required mass for age. Monitor a effectiveness of lactation premature newborn and the state of his health must alone be a doctor, it will also be based on the baby to modify or supplement power supply circuit.

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