Staphylococcus aureus


How, Aurococcus - a bacteria that causes a variety of purulent lesions and disease in babies and adults. Distributed and droplet, and contact technique, a frequent inhabitant of maternity hospitals and surgical departments. Aureus is almost everyone, but the disease it causes the weakening of immunity. Baby may have this infection through a umbilical wound in the hospital, through a intestine via sudamen irritated skin and diaper rash, how well as through fresh natural milk. In milk Staphylococcus aureus enters through cracks in the nipple. To combat staphylococcus quartzite ward or apartment earlier every feeding, for it is destructive of 1% decision of chlorine bleach, which normally wash the floors and walls in hospitals. Strengthen your immune system earlier and during pregnancy, follow the rules of hygiene, keep a freshness and purity of the items, which are used so meal. Attach baby to a warm immediately later birthday and continue to feed him on need, avoid cracking and engorgement, and then no microbe you and a baby will not be afraid.

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