Water for the child


Moms and grandmothers clearly remember as a first hours dopaivali children h2o. It is advised in the hospital and a doctors and pediatricians. And on a one hand this is a logical explanation. Aqua for babies must be, how a man in a greater its capacity of the water, and however a baby spent his 1-st few months in a aquatic environment. But let's be deeper into the social unit of the time. Of the birth mum took attention of a infants, but you had alone six weeks, which would prepare the newborn for independent feeding (that is not in need of breast natural milk). Further development took place in a gardens, in a upkeep of a family. Social stability pointed out that six months of lactation will be gone. And that would facilitate the transition to synthetic feeding enjoy created a conditions for reduction of warm natural milk and the claim to introduce solid foods however early as three - four months. It is h2o that is the condition. It does not contain nutrients, but the newborn in the 1-st 30 days does not distinguish thirst from hunger. Getting h2o, it becomes saturated and needs less milk, which leads to gravity loss, loss of natural milk with mums and emergency feeding for a child.

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