Regurgitation in infants


In the early weeks children normally regurgitate a little quantity of milk or a mixing following feeding. If a amount of regurgitation per day not more than 5-6, the amount of spit up diet food to 3 ml, and the baby at the same time feels helf, gains weightiness and does not cry, do not worry, it may take several months and these things will come to naught. Regurgitation in babies are due to imperfections in the gastrointestinal tract. Babies short esophagus, a weak sphincter muscle betwixt the esophagus and the stomach, "fusiform" shape of a stomach, a imperfect mechanism of fermentation - all this is the basic anatomical and physiological causes regurgitation. It follows that if a newborn was born prematurely or has observed intrauterine building, a process of growing gastrointestinal he will go on for 6-56 week.

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