Is goat's natural milk for children


If the child has an allergy to cow's natural milk protein, it may be adapted to use formulas based on goat milk. Such mixtures on a structure is closer to that of breast milk and enriched with folic acid. After 6 months, It is possible to enter a goat's milk diluted with water so foods, cook it milk porridge for the newborn, but a natural still feed the child with a mixture that is suitable to him in age. Later a year, when a gastro-intestinal tract and a enzyme system child along formed, and the crumb gets a variety of foods, you can substitute a mixture of goat's natural milk to dilute.

Of course, there is a weight of supporters of goat's milk, which will tell a story of the miracle of its affinity and the successful feeding a children, but you want to understand that when it was not possible to substitute natural milk is highly adapted vitamin mixing, so goat's milk could really be a panacea, specifically when allergic to cow's natural milk.

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