Nursing of premature babies


Walking with early babies in the street are undesirable, while a baby is accomplished at least one 30 days during a cold-blooded season with weakened untimely babies do not walk, even up to 3 weeks. Newborn for a walk to heartwarming to wear and protected with wind and direct sunlight.

Because early babies are born impaired, they get lowered immunity, which increases the risk of acute respiratory infections, influenza, respiratory tract infections, like untimely babies often enjoy bronchitis and pneumonia at a very prettily age. So, do not expose the child with contact with sick relatives, sick parent or older brother and sister need immediately be isolated with the baby. Diseased mom should also not be appropriate to the newborn at the time of illness. Crumb feeds father or grandma expressed natural milk with a bottle. After an illness mother any time to communicate with a newborn and feed him, wearing a gauze bandage complete. Keep to a minimum however a visit to a home guests, family, particularly during epidemics, and the seasons, weather. In the 1-st months of your of the family's note need be focused on the baby, because it is with his care during this period depends on its future soundness and progress.

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