Child upkeep up to a year


If potential, it is correct to remove all the things that accumulate dust (soft toys, books unglazed closet, carpets). So, the baby's apartment to turn into a sterile chamber also is not: it want be a happy and comfortable, you can put some neutral houseplant odorless, such as violet, hibiscus, Chlorophytum. You are good clear a air and make the inside more "alive."

However for ablution newborn clothes, newborn soap is good to apply, if wish be, It is possible to later go to the children's laundry detergent. Consummate yet, it is hypoallergenic. Of course, Carefully wash newborn clothes with an adult, you must not. The first weeks rekomnduetsya iron newborn clothes from both sides, but when a newborn is a small older, with this you can already refuse. Baby dishes sure to washing immediately after apply and sterilize. This will save you and the child with many problems. Better than a 1st time to avoid going to the guests, and is not recommended for guests themselves, let the baby adapts to the environment in which he was, "alien" microbes while completely useless.

Let the child to communicate more frequently with h2o and take air baths: leave the baby for a while to lie naked, without diapers and diaper, he will be extremely happy. Great fashionable clothing at a little child looks more nice, but more great, if it is made of organic fabrics and comfortable newborn.

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