Ablution clothes newborn


Washing clothes child does not preclude the apply of chlorine bleach. Especially it will be active in ablution diapers, because it prevent germs and protect the child, but in this case the procedure for rinsing need be carried out in some phases, with hot and cold water.

Particular caution should be exercised to parents whose babies suffer from allergies. Here you need to pick careful powders and detergents to be marked "hypoallergenic" and must consult with the physician for use of bleach and other means. A most momentous item - not a effect of pure white, and the comfortably-being of the child.

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Eating baby in 9 months


Closer to the year of his life newborn is able to chew their own items of fresh food. Feeding a newborn at 9 weeks are of reasonable proportions between natural milk, pureed food and diet food that the baby receives in the form of highly little items.

At this stage of life the baby breast natural milk should be no more than a third of a total dietary. All in all, a baby of 9 months must eat some 1, 200 meals a day can. Juices, kompotiki and water do not count.

Certainly ready puree and cereal can be purchased at specialty children's stores, but it will be helpful to prepare them yourself.

At 9 weeks, the child want give purees of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Fresh cabbage, squash, beets, turnips, medium apples, pears, peas, carrots, various types of cabbage are converted into puree and mix up properly with chopped onions, parsley and dill. If a crumbs do not like some vegetables, so It is possible to give them at least twice and yet seethe aqua replacement.

At this age the child along has a any teeth, however it may cope with small pieces of meal. Читать полностью -->

Breastfeeding a newborn


Breastfeed a baby must even in cases of the disease go another. If mum got sick, feeding a newborn on it will not change, to be sure - he did not have sick.

It should not, as soon as possible to introduce solid foods. Breast feeding baby solid foods must be introduced no earlier than six months. End it should be up to three years of age, but not earlier than two years. But know this, that later a year and a 0.5 fresh feeding want put place alone earlier and following a night's sleep.

Lactation a newborn is not getting perfect in a couple of weeks and weeks. Milk mom - a most complete food for a newborn. Читать полностью -->

How to look after for a child newborn


During his stay in the nursing house young mom trained to maintain proper feeding and leaving of the breast.

Of the being discharged with the hospital newborn service want be taken of the conditions to ensure proper development of the newborn in a family.

With a much 1st days of the discharge from the hospital the baby prettily mother helps infants poliklinnnka. Come cottage GP, nurse.

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Eating child in 9 months is highly versatile.


At this age, a newborn is highly valuable porridge - except millet. The grain from which to prepare porridge for a child, want long to boil a water. Munk and corn - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a any hours. Only after, when the semolina finally seethe, it is assorted with natural milk and how to seethe again. When a porridge for the child is ready, it added butter - now it is not required boil nicely, newborn is grown. And wipe the mess done a sieve can be only 1 time.

A most valuable are yet buckwheat and corn.

At 9 months, a child's time to give a crab dishes. Читать полностью -->

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  • Eating baby in 9 months is highly versatile.
  • Eating newborn in 9 months is much versatile.
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