Swaddle a newborn - plus non-swaddling


Now, a lot of moms and dads are returning home with a race, dress for a baby romper, overalls and jackets. And they possess this evidence-based arguments. Chief among these reasons is the more rapid building of a baby-free diapers. However soon how a child learns to coordinate them, will go faster construction of motor skills and thinking accordingly. And however they say in the movement of life. The baby moves arms and legs - a kind of exercise and training of muscles, which alone has a positive effect on the further evolution and the ability to control his aging body. Читать полностью -->

Dining untimely babies


With regard to nutrition of untimely children, approximately doctors recommend early complementary feeding breast, even called time, perhaps to feed - this is of the twelve hours. And this is due to a fact that if you do not give food to the newborn before, it may be an even greater loss of gravity, and may get to expand such a dangerous phenomenon of tissue protein catabolism, which is why a earlier a child receives meal - a sooner his aging body will start to have used to proper functioning.

By the technique, need consult with a physician and ask size a newborn's condition. Typically, infants who were born prematurely, but the condition is assessed so satisfactory, doctors prescribe 1-st feeding following six to twelve hours later their birthday. If a newborn is born in a serious condition, the 1st feeding is good to produce a day after your birth. Such infants are introduced to a doctors started a operation of all of a special solution, and a second day of life, taking them to the natural milk.

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How to keep the child in cleaning a


With the first days of birthday must pay particular attention to sexual soundness child, it applies to heartiness for girls and hygienic maintenance of a boys. But the parents, specifically if the baby first, very ofttimes do not know so to hold a child in cleaning a. Do not be shy and ask for council and ask you to show how it is done by a nurse at a hospital. They know a few ways to speedily learn you do hygiene child rightly. Thus, you do not spend too much time, do not make a common mistake and still not cause discomforts to a newborn.

To help you to be able to reach not alone a standard ritual washing of a small basin or sink, but also a apply of wet cleaning wipes. Depending on the type of cleaning a child, you enjoy to select and the technique to keep a child. Читать полностью -->

As to stop breast-feeding


Mum asks himself as to stop fresh-feeding, with a soul of her cat scratching, making it sooner. Do not worry, the main mission you've done, all will be rightly with your baby, and the calmer and more confident you will do during the weaning process, the easier it will be painless and the baby.

By excommunication need be prepared in progress and gradually, better in a some months. Following a year, one time start to polish feeding, replacing them with high-quality portions of food. Transfer a newborn to four meals every day. Of a daytime feedings may leave only one day earlier going to bed. Night feedings until the reserve, but we try to bring them to about kind of regime, for example, earlier bedtime, at 2-3 am in the morning just following waking up.

All this need be done gradually and painlessly for the child. Читать полностью -->

In which a water to bathe a newborn


Parents, earlier the 1-st swim of a child, always beginning to think about the size of how any harm to a baby what to do, that he likes, however to hold. But the most important issue - what is in a h2o to bathe a newborn, service of almost every new parents.

In fact, aqua plays a major role in a moment bathing baby. It has to be a optimum temperature and keep some rules.

H2o status:

1st of all, parents require to choose a type of water: tap, bottled or boiled. It all depends on the property of water that flows from a tap. If it is cleared, so you can apply it. And if there is a risk of catching infectious wand, you'd consummate be prepared to bathe a child in the h2o.

Water softener is not necessary to boil it. Читать полностью -->

Feeding preterm children


Since premature babies reduced gastric acidity, less perilstatika intestinal dysbiosis, in this time, they should be fed exclusively or warm natural milk, or particular adapted formulas for premature babies, they normally have in a names Pre. Studies of natural natural milk mothers of premature infants possess shown that, depending on a degree of nedoshennosti your natural milk composition changes. This increased milk protein capacity, how indispensable for a strong evolution of children, as a evolution substance, increased content of essential amino acids, a higher fat capacity, the splitting does not require additional energy costs. Moreover, mum's milk contains prebiotic substances that promote the progress of beneficial intestinal microflora, antibodies to varied infections, which are particularly vulnerable to premature babies, enzymes, improves the absorption of milk. Energy value of "premature" natural milk is higher than the "full-term." Because a girl should do every effort to preserve milk and eventually establish full lactation.

Although if you wanted to nourish the a lot of women who took premature birth, there hypogalactition, so there is a lack or absence of fresh milk. Why, with a 1st days of mom should express milk and strive to give a child to suckle. Читать полностью -->

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