Eating baby in 9 weeks is highly versatile.


At this age, a child is highly effective porridge - except millet. A grain from which to prepare porridge for the newborn, want long to seethe a water. Munk and corn - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a any hours. Alone after, when the semolina finally seethe, it is mixed with milk and so to boil again. When the porridge for your newborn is ready, it added a butter - at the present time it is not required seethe nicely, child is grown. And wipe a mess done a sieve can be only 1 time.

A most beneficial are yet buckwheat and rice.

At 9 weeks, the baby's time to give the crab dishes. Читать полностью -->

How to stop lactation


Mother asks himself how to stop natural-feeding, with the soul of her cat scratching, making it sooner. Do not worry, a basic mission you've done, all will be well with a baby, and the calmer and more confident you will do during a weaning process, a easier it will be painless and the newborn.

By excommunication want be prepared in advance and gradually, better in a some months. After a year, one time start to clean feeding, replacing them with big-grade portions of meal. Transfer a baby to four meals per day. Of a daytime feedings may leave alone one time earlier going to bed. Night feedings until the reserve, but we try to bring them to some kind of regime, for example, before bedtime, at 2-3 am in a first just later waking up.

All this want be done gradually and painlessly for the child. Читать полностью -->

Child Baby - additional indispensable procedures


Haircut nails - with the growth of a baby's nails want to trim it. This is usually enough to do once a week. Nail clippers good buy exceptional babies's scissors.

Sweet crust on the scalp or dandruff - in babies is that a crust is formed on a head, a chocolate-brown of his concern causing itching. Chocolate-brown on a head or the wish to remove dandruff.

However to remove a crust from a child's head. 2-3 hours earlier bathing baby grease thick head sunflower butter or mineral oil. Later bathing, you can schesat lovely comb this crust or dandruff.

Bathing a child

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Gravity gain of a newborn baby


A physical evolution of a baby's first year of life causes lots of anxiety and fear. Young mums ofttimes worry if you gain mass deviates from the norm. By a standards should not be approached too formal. Mass may delay infection, digestive problems, goiter. Breast-feeding children for a 1-st year, growing faster than in later ages. For a year, almost all children triple the gravity. Читать полностью -->

Diaper dermatitis in babies


Do not forget that when you replace the diaper child hygiene should be done very closely, because it is however you do it will depend on a comfort baby, how rightly how the natural moisture level of a face, which is indispensable for its greater resistance to external irritations. Another factor, which is the cause that diaper dermatitis in babies appears literally "with scratch" is the wrong choice of the sizing used in diapers for the newborn. Thus, due to friction and a close fit to a face, dermatitis may cultivate into a chronic, if time does not draw attention to a fact that the kid was nervous and acts up when you are trying to put on a diaper. If changing clothes newborn you see a pope and thighs is reddish irritation - go to a larger models of diapers, even if you have to change to an even larger sizing pants newborn, a most important item - his comfort.

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Regurgitation in children


In the early months babies usually regurgitate a small quantity of natural milk or a mix after feeding. If a volume of regurgitation daily not more than 5-6, a amount of spit up diet food to 3 ml, and a child at a like time feels helf, gains weight and does not cry, do not worry, it may take several weeks and these things will come to naught. Regurgitation in children are due to imperfections in a gastrointestinal tract. Infants short esophagus, a weak sphincter muscle between the esophagus and a stomach, "fusiform" bod of the stomach, the imperfect mechanism of fermentation - all this is the general anatomical and physiological causes regurgitation. It follows that if a baby was born prematurely or has observed intrauterine evolution, a process of growing gastrointestinal he will go on for 6-66 week.

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