As to stop breast-feeding


Mum asks himself as to stop fresh-feeding, with a soul of her cat scratching, making it sooner. Do not worry, the main mission you've done, all will be rightly with your baby, and the calmer and more confident you will do during the weaning process, the easier it will be painless and the baby.

By excommunication need be prepared in progress and gradually, better in a some months. Following a year, one time start to polish feeding, replacing them with high-quality portions of food. Transfer a newborn to four meals every day. Of a daytime feedings may leave only one day earlier going to bed. Night feedings until the reserve, but we try to bring them to about kind of regime, for example, earlier bedtime, at 2-3 am in the morning just following waking up.

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In which a water to bathe a newborn


Parents, earlier the 1-st swim of a child, always beginning to think about the size of how any harm to a baby what to do, that he likes, however to hold. But the most important issue - what is in a h2o to bathe a newborn, service of almost every new parents.

In fact, aqua plays a major role in a moment bathing baby. It has to be a optimum temperature and keep some rules.

H2o status:

1st of all, parents require to choose a type of water: tap, bottled or boiled. It all depends on the property of water that flows from a tap. If it is cleared, so you can apply it. And if there is a risk of catching infectious wand, you'd consummate be prepared to bathe a child in the h2o.

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Feeding preterm infants


In hospitals LBW and preterm babies placed in an incubator, so transferred to the department for premature babies, where they again are in incubator until they gain a 2.5 kilogram, then a mum with a baby is sent home. Often infants are born however a result of cesarean section delivery may be heavy, which also affects a newborn's condition. Often, the first some times the child is in intensive attention, because he has seen problems with breathing.

If pipsqueak authorities may not create food, it has no sucking and swallowing reflex, a newborn is fed done a tube, often a digestive tract of a baby may not take even a tiny portion of natural milk or a mix, and it is necessary to introduce vitamins, immunoglobulins and nutrients by injection. Of course, this complicates the issue of a correct set of weights, and at times gives up on breastfeeding a baby. But all this being said, medical problems, and a doctors are doing all they may to save a life of a child. Mum in this situation need to be patient, to pray to God for the your of the newborn, the moral support of his crumbs and try by all means to preserve milk.

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Eating baby in 9 months is highly versatile.


At this age, your newborn is highly useful porridge - except millet. Any grain with which to prepare porridge for the baby, should long to seethe the aqua. Munk and oatmeal - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a few hours. Only following, when a semolina finally seethe, it is assorted with natural milk and however to seethe again. When a porridge for a child is ready, it added butter - currently it is not indispensable boil properly, baby is grown. And wipe a mess through a sieve may be only 1 time.

A most useful are still buckwheat and rice.

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Nursing of early babies


Bathe untimely infants are allowed no earlier than 7-10 hours. Bathing must be done in a special newborn bath, a temperature of the air in the restroom need not be below 25 degrees, aqua for bathing - 38 degrees. Bathe premature infants up to 3 months to alone boiled water. Boiled water particularly, stand to come out chlorine, then heated and diluted with cold boiled aqua to 38 degrees, for convenience, you can apply a particular children's thermometer. Immediately following bathing to wrap the child in a bath wiper or flannel diaper, run to a warm and wear. Untimely babies dressed warmer than full-term infants.

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Tools for bathing:


And last nuance involve funds that are added to the aqua for swimming. It is good to add a variety of herbs, you are a good level of diaper rash, potnichki and irritation. Much helpful for girls swimming in water with chamomile.

If a range fell on the chemicals, then keep to choose those that do not contain alkali and antibacterial agents.

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